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As parents, you're the number one influence on what kind of driver your teens become. Help them develop a lifetime of good driving habits by following these simple steps:

Have the Talk
Driving is a serious responsibility. Discuss what it means to be a safe driver with your teen and set ground rules for when they're behind the wheel. If your teen is on the road, they should stay off the phone.
Make a Family Pledge
Print out the pledge form and have every member of your family commit to distraction-free driving. Set a positive example for your kids by putting your cell phone in the glove compartment every time you drive.
Know the Laws in Your State
Many states have Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws that include cell phone and texting bans for young drivers. Remind your teen driver that there could be serious consequences for violating these laws - including a delayed or suspended license.

PSAs & Videos

  • Emoji (:30)
  • Manifesto (:30)
  • Impact Tyler Story (:30)
  • Liz Marks (:30)
  • Calling Plan
  • Get The Message

For more short clips on distracted driving to share with others, please visit our YouTube channel.

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