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Having a distracted driving policy in place doesn't just make good safety sense - it makes good business sense. Put your employees' safety first with these steps:

Enact a company policy on distracted driving
Download a sample policy, customize it to your organization's needs, and let your employees know that you support distraction-free driving. Hang up posters in the office to remind employees that "One Text or Call Could Wreck It All."
Encourage employees to take - and share - the pledge
Distracted driving doesn't become less dangerous when the work day is over. Distribute pledge forms to your employees and urge them to share it with their friends and family.

PSAs & Videos

  • Emoji (:30)
  • Manifesto (:30)
  • Impact Tyler Story (:30)
  • Liz Marks (:30)
  • Calling Plan
  • Get The Message

For more short clips on distracted driving to share with others, please visit our YouTube channel.

Pledge Form



Some of these materials are available in Spanish to support your outreach, education, and awareness efforts. Click here to see the Spanish versions.